Work Summary

Swadesh (YC S19)

Lead Software Engineer, Oct 2021 — Jun 2024

In 2021, I joined Swadesh as a Software Engineer where I spearheaded the development of core banking mobile application using Flutter, defining the technical foundation like state management using Riverpod, navigation using GoRouter, and secure local authentication (Face ID / Fingerprint).

In 2022, I was promoted to Lead Software Engineer, where I currently lead the end-to-end software design & development of Swadesh GlobalPay - an innovative cross-border remittance platform for streamlining payments between India & the United States of America.

  • Presented Swadesh GlobalPay at an educational fair in Mumbai, securing 50+ new customer sign ups through a compelling and informative talk.
  • Designed and implemented a highly scalable and modular webhooks system utilizing message queuing, increasing event processing throughput by 50%, enabling real-time data processing for critical business applications.
  • Developed customizable business dashboards leveraging Retool's low-code platform. These dashboards provided real-time data visualization, facilitated data exploration, and empowered users with self-service analytics and administrative actions.
  • Led the development of Ramayana Capital, a visually stunning story-based game built with Next.js, launched strategically on Dussehra 2021. The game garnered over 300 players within a day and achieved a remarkable 5th place ranking on Product Hunt, demonstrating its captivating gameplay and cultural resonance.
  • Led the development of Postcard, a social media widget built with Flutter and Riverpod. This innovative widget leverages Firebase Realtime functionality to display live photos from your friends directly on your home screen, fostering a sense of connection and a glimpse into their daily lives.
  • Developed and iteratively improved multiple MVP mobile app using Flutter that laid the foundation for a scalable & secure banking mobile app.
  • Built interactive internal dashboards using Next.js (React), TailwindCSS and Vercel Serverless Functions to empower teams with real-time data visualization and self-service administrative actions.


Frontend Developer, Feb 2021 — Oct 2021

With freelancing, I got my first hands-on experience with real world challenges while still in college.

  • Developed a modern Applicant Tracking System (ATS) utilizing React for a user-friendly interface and integrated with REST APIs for business logic.
  • Built a mobile-responsive landing page for a financial services startup, leveraging Next.js for a performant and SEO-friendly experience, and integrated Contentful CMS for easy content management.


Technical Instructor

Authored Straightforward Next.js - a course to teach Next.js, MongoDB and Docker course, garnering over 120 international students. This comprehensive program equips learners with the skills to build full-stack applications.